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Cinderella is the catty name that they call me So sad, Cinderella She's a loner, she's a loon, a loser that's all me Girl from the gutter Unpleasant peasant No one, a nutter Unwelcome present Cruel taunts you mutter Ev'ry insult that you utter makes me strong Call me bad Cinderella, nasty girl, gutter rose Your unkindness doesn't shock me. Cinderella, better get your ass home Man, I swear that parents just don't understand You ain't gotta be old to be a man Take my hand, come with me To my room (My room) Girl, I got a suite at the. This is just a homemade lyric video in HD. Cinderella Lyrics - 주니토니 Singer: Juny&Tony 주니토니 Title: Cinderella JunyTony story musical, "Cinderella", shall we start? Cinderella is very pretty and kind. But her parents died. So Cinderella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters now. Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella's parents died. Her stepmother and stepsisters are bad ....

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